Difference between cold and flu

What’s the difference between cold and flu?

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had a cold or the flu at least once in their lives. A common cold is one of the top reasons for children missing school. And the flu claims hundreds of lives every year. There are many ways to prevent cold and flu but doctors recommend getting flu shots like it’s the…

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UV treatment for water

UV Light Kills Bacteria in Your Water System

This post is sponsored by Green Sisterhood and Pelican Water. Opinions are all mine. You know how important clean drinking water is for you and your family’s health. And you know how bottled water creates unnecessary waste but more importantly, it’s an unregulated industry where many of the bottle water is nothing but filtered tap…

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Health Benefits of Buttered Drinks (Recipes)

I’ve been hearing about Bulletproof® coffee for awhile but the thought of adding a stick of butter in my morning coffee  just made me gag. Did you see the scene on The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon served coffee with sticks of butter in them with a mocking tone? Yea. That was me too, in…

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radiationand seafood

Radiation and Seafood: Is Fish Safe to Eat?

When I posted my Gravlax recipe, some of you emailed me with the question, aren’t you concerned with radiation from Fukushima. That’s a rightful concern and I should have added the info with the recipe. Here are my thoughts on fish and radiation. Radiation and Seafood: Is Fish Safe to Eat? Personally, I eat a…

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