Do you want to keep health at the heart of cooking?

Do you want simple and easy meals done right?

Do you crave fried foods but can’t have them because they upset your digestive system?

Paleo Cooking With Your Air Fryer is a collection “Paleotized” recipes for air frying without using a pot of sizzling hot oil. These recipes will make you look like the best cook in the world without deep frying, using less oil, that will upset your digestive system.

When you’re on the Paleo diet, you are encouraged to eat healthy oils like, coconut oil, avocado or extra virgin olive oil. But using it to deep fry food all the time is less than desirable for your gut.

Enter the most popular cooking appliance of the year, the air fryer.

This unique appliance uses the fan to circulate the heated air to fry, bake, broil, and roast in a confined space of a little oven that takes up no counter space than a bread box. No pun intended. And face it. We all need to indulge occasionally without compromising our health, right?

Well, this book will show you how to make your favorite fried foods using Paleo-friendly ingredients to make them crispy like they were deep fried! The air fryer cooks food fast so dinner will be ready in a jiffy!

If you have cravings for fried chicken, french fries, crispy sweet potato fries and even sweet treats like chocolate cake, Paleo Cooking With Your Air Fryer is for you!

Dr. Karen Lee,
Author of Paleo Cooking
With Your Air Fryer

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I educated my patients about their health from many aspects, including, proper ergonomics, food and nutrition. Their physical health improved only when their intake of right foods and nutrients improved. I always cooked real food with whole ingredients for my own family and I didn’t think they would have any health issues related to food. So, it pained me a great deal when my children became affected by food allergies and sensitivities, manifested as respiratory distress and eczema.

I sought to help my children’s allergies by putting them on an elimination diet, but it wasn't until they started on the Paleo diet that they began to heal. And my husband and I became accidental beneficiaries since I didn't want to cook two separate meals. It was the best decision we made since we became leaner and stronger as our children’s health improved.

As short of miraculous as Paleo eating style as it was, someone — mainly me — had to plan, shop, and cook the meals. With increasingly hectic schedule, shopping for fresh ingredients is challenging enough but making grain-free, and dairy-free foods taste as good as conventional is tricky. Furthermore, foods that we used to enjoy, like fried foods, had to be cooked in a different method to taste like the way we remember is hard. I mean, let's be honest; baked fries or chicken is ok, but they are not the same as deep-fried. Am I right? I had to utilize all the practical kitchen appliances, like air fryer, to my advantage to satisfy family's unapologetic love for good tasting food.

Since I cook mostly Paleo, deep-fried food was almost never on the menu. And when I found out about the air fryer, I couldn't justify buying it just to fry foods. But that was two years ago. Now that I’ve been using the air fryer on a regular basis, I’m asking myself; why didn't I buy it sooner? Air fryer is an appliance I use regularly, and my family enjoys crispy Paleo-friendly foods now. It’s nice and fun to have fried food back on the menu again. I admit; we don’t eat fried chicken every day but it’s nice to enjoy them when we do without feeling ill afterward.

Paleo Cooking with Your Air Fryer is a collection of my family’s favorite "Paleotized" air fried recipes. Who says you can’t enjoy fried food when you’re on a Paleo diet? With the air fryer, you can eat great tasting food without compromising your health. And air fryer makes cooking so much easier and quicker, so it makes cooking fun again!

Here’s to healthy frying!

Dr. Karen Lee

If you want to stay healthy and want to avoid deep fried foods or you are on the Paleo diet and can’t have flour battered greasy foods, you will love air fried food.

Put the fun and tasty favorites back on the menu with these 75 delicious fried foods without using a pot full of oil and sacrificing your health.

If you want easy peasy way to cook appetizers, entrees, desserts, and snacks, try using the air fryer to make quick and easy meals!

Some of the quick and easy recipes in the Paleo Cooking With Your Air Fryer cookbook are:

  • Huevos Rancheros
  • Healthy Chicken Fried Steak
  • Coconut Shrimp
  • Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips
  • Savory Sweet Potato Stacks
  • Vegetable Tempura



  • Healthy Korean Chicken Wings
  • Not Your Gramma’s Chicken
  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops
  • Beef Negimaki
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cajun Fried Fish
  • Calamari on Fire
  • Crab Cakes
  • Fish Tostadas
  • Lobster “Mac & Cheese”
  • Onion Rings
  • Oysters Rockefeller
  • Savory Sweet Potatoes
  • Fancy Pants French Fries
  • Coconut Maple Macaroons


“Karen takes the guesswork out of cooking with your air fryer with these delicious and Paleo-friendly recipes. You’ll love seeing the versatility of just how easy it is to use your air fryer to create healthy satisfying meals!” — Jennifer Robins, best-selling author, creator of Legit Bread Company and Predominantly Paleo

“Karen is an absolute genius with the air fryer! There is no excuse not to cook healthy, easy, extremely flavorful Paleo dishes the whole family will love thanks to the incredible recipes in this cookbook. I see this becoming a favorite cookbook in my kitchen!” — Amanda Torres, author of Latin American Paleo Cooking and The Curious Coconut

“Finding new and decadent ways to enjoy Paleo eating is what Karen does best. And the fact that these recipes are simple and easy to make in the air fryer is a big plus!” — Tiffany Washko, creator of Nature Moms


What is an air fryer?
An air fryer is a cooking appliance that uses circulating heated air to cook foods that results in a crispy texture on the outside, like deep fried food, without using excess oil.

Is it healthier to cook in the air fryer than a deep fryer?
Yes and no. Air fried food is healthier than deep fried food since it’s not fried, submerged in oil at a high temperature. Instead, it’s cooked in circulating hot air less than 400ºF, with very little oil coating, if at all, so it’s healthier. But with any food cooked in hot oil, eating too much fried food is not healthy so no, air fried food with oil ‘can’ be unhealthy if you eat too much. Also, Teflon coated air fryer can be harmful if the food is cooked on it so make sure to avoid Teflon coated air fryers for healthier cooking.

Can I use the recipes in this book for any air fryer model?
I used Philips XL air fryer when writing this cookbook. Settings on various models may be different from Philips XL but you can adjust the temperature and times on your model accordingly.

I don't have an air fryer. Can I use this cookbook for my convection oven?
Yes! If you have a convection oven, you can definitely use these recipes. Air fryer uses circulating hot air to fry foods like a convection oven does. The only difference between the two appliances is that convection oven's heat source is on the bottom and far away from the food. If you use a wire rack close to the heat source, you can certainly modify the recipes to use your convection oven cook. You may have to change the temperature and time to accommodate the differences but it can certainly work. But I will state this disclaimer that there's no guarantee the texture will be exactly the same as using the air fryer.