Non-Toxic Radiant Range Top and Stove Cleaning Formula

Don’t judge me but there is nothing sexy about cleaning a dirty stove top or an oven. It’s as glamourous as cleaning a burnt stainless steel pan or an iron skillet. Who needs to break a nail when cleaning? So I was thrilled when I came up with a way to clean my disgusting stove top.

I have to admit; there is a twisted satisfaction of restoring a dirty and grimy stove stop to a gleaming and shiny glory without breaking a sweat. (That’s one of those house chores that actually makes me look like I did something that day.) I don’t like the high maintenance of a radiant range that requires only heavy bottom pots and pans but I do appreciate the relative ease of cleaning it after cooking. Just wipe of any spills and you are done. But grime does set in over time even with daily wipes and the glass top gets so “grody-to-the-max” (who says that anymore? I do.) that I need a snow shovel to scrape the gook off after awhile.

And do you know when is absolutely necessary to clean the range top? When your pot or pan doesn’t contact the glass top evenly and isn’t heating up properly because it’s sitting on the grime. Yeah, that’s not energy efficient and annoying since food doesn’t cook evenly and not fast enough. It’s time to clean that bugger when that happens.

So I came up with an awesome formula that can remove the built up grime from my stove top quicker than a drying nail polish.

The formula is similar to my Natural Soft Scrub recipe, except, this uses dishwashing liquid instead of castile soap. I found dishwashing liquid soap cuts grease a lot better than Castile soap.

And you know what’s the best part? You don’t have to wear gloves or a mask to protect your hands or cover your nose from this safe formula. And I bet you can find these ingredients in your kitchen right now! Who needs chemicals, especially, in the kitchen, right?

Let’s get scrubbing, I mean, watch your stove top self-clean!

You’ll need:

1/2 C Baking Soda
1/8 C Dishwashing Liquid
2 Tbsp Vinegar (approximately if you pre-mixing but I used a few squirts from a spray bottle)
Scraper – if the scum is really thick and stuck


You can see the instruction in the photos but if you want to prepare it beforehand, you can mix the formula – in order – in a container and smear it on the stove top. This formula is non-abrasive so you can’t scratch the glass top. These tops are designed to withstand heavy pots and pans skating across and you won’t be able to scratch them with a cleaning agent, although, mine is 17 years old and the middle part looks kinda beat up from being a workhorse…But if I worked like my stove top for 17 years, I’d look worse off. 😉

1. First, scrape off any debris or excess crud sitting on the range, as you would normally clean it.

radiant range cleaning

2. Cover the top with mixture well and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Go paint your nails. Wait. You better not. This will be done before they dry. Never mind.

radiant range scrub

3. TA DAH!

before and after

If your top is really dirty and grody (there is that word again!), then, you’ll have to get your little scraper out and scrape the crud off but it’ll be much softer now and easily removable.

I tried this formula on my mom’s gas range and it works beautifully on the grills and the drip pans too.

And, wait for it…….wait for it… great in cleaning the stove as well!!!! YAY! No more toxic oven cleaning fumes to deal with! And if you have self-cleaning oven, like I do, you don’t have to waste energy in cranking up the temperature for hours! Just smear this on over night and you are good to go the next day! Just wipe it off and scrape any stubborn crud off with your scraper, and it’s done!

I LOVE solving two cleaning problems with one formula!

Now, who doesn’t love cleaning power that shows results … safely!


  1. chelseaboots says

    Very similar to what I do now. After sprinkling the baking soda I cover with an old kitchen towel that has been rinsed with hot water and rung out to just being a little more than damp. Lay it over the stove top and leave for 1 hour. Use the towel to wipe up baking soda and rinse. Very little elbow grease needed if at all. Sprinkle with vinegar and wipe with damp towel to get all baking soda residue off. Love that it’s non toxic and I don’t have to buy the expensive corningware cleaner which was the only thing that worked on it.

  2. Blaine says

    is this also for stainless steel cleaner or do you have another magic cleaner for that….I have stainless steel under all the burners on my gas stove top – like to keep it nice and clean, and yes, it takes a lot of elbow grease…
    Love all your great recipes for cleaners, scrubs, etc. Thanks

  3. says

    Okay, Karen, I’m taking before pictures too, cause I can’t stand my dirty stove top another day!
    I usually get my dh or dd to clean it with a non-toxic cleaner but you have to use a lot of water and elbow grease, I can add the water it is the elbow grease I ran out off years ago! lol

    I’ll let you know the results! Thanks for sharing this tip!

  4. Robin says

    I usually just use baking soda and a scrubbing sponge (and a lot of elbow grease!). Definitely gotta’ try this!

    • karen says

      I did that for a long time too but my elbow ran out of grease! So I experimented for ways to let something else to do the hard work. And this worked! Yay! :)

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