Asian Pear and Honey Cough Remedy

Asian-Pear-Cough-RemedyI am packing to attend the North American International Auto Show (#NAIAS) in Michigan on Sunday.

Yeah, I know. I’m crazy for 1) going to Detroit in middle of January, 2) flying in this awful flu season and possibly exposing myself to sick people in a sardine can – a.k.a. air plane.

But Ford invited me and six other green bloggers from Green Sisterhood (a network I co-founded with Anna of Green Talk. More on that later.) – all expense paid – to attend this prestigious event to show us how awesome their energy efficient cars are. So how can I refuse? Besides, this will probably the only chance I’ll ever get in seeing a real car manufacturing factory. I know. I have no life.

So I have been taking all the precautions I possibly can, in order NOT to get KO’d from the flu. Do you think it’d be rude to pull a Howie Mandel and do a fist bump instead of a handshake?

Anyway, if you get sick with the awful flu and starts coughing while I’m gone,  you. have. to. try. this ancient Korean secret –  Asian Pear & Honey Remedy. Seriously. This remedy is the go-to remedy that my grandmother, aunts, and mother used – and still use – for a hacking cough.

Hope you won’t need this but if you do, make sure to finish it within a day. Freshness is the key.

What is so great about Asian Pears? They are low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium – almost zero – but high in Vitamin C and K. No wonder we used it for colds.

Asian Pears

First Image: CC image of Asian Pears via Flickr

And what’s great about honey? It’s very effective against infections. In fact, it can be even more effective than antibiotics!

Asian Pear and Honey Cough Remedy


  • Large Asian Pear
  • High quality pure organic honey
  • 3-5 Pieces of Sliced Ginger
  • Heat resistant bowl big enough to fit the pear
  • Steamer
  • Large pot big enough to fit the steamer
  • Water


Wash the pear well with fruit wash or white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly. Take the stem off if it’s still intact.

Asian Pear Cough Remedy1. Cut the bottom of the pear so it can fit inside the bowl flat. 2. Cut the top of the pear and make lid. Core out the middle. 3. Insert ginger slices.

Asian Pear Cough Remedy

1. (oops. mis-labled these images) Pour honey on top of the ginger slices to fill to the top. 2. Cover the lid. 3. Cover the hole where the stem was with a ginger slice.

Asian Pear Cough Remedy

1. Place the bowl, on top of the steamer, and steam until pear is soft. If the fruit is large, it may take up to 20 minutes in high heat. Check periodically to make sure there is water in the pot. 2. When the pear is done, you’ll see the skin crack, as shown. Gently peel the skin. 3. Now you are ready to eat the fruit and drink the pear  juice with honey.

You can divide the pear into two servings and eat while it’s warm. Save unused portion and steam it again before eating.

While this pear will soothe your throat and reduce your coughing, it will not cure  your flu. If coughing persists, see a doctor. Promise?

Have a healthy weekend! See you next week!


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    Really need this, Karen. I’m also traveling this month and can use all the precautionary help I can get. Adding this to my arsenal of defense. Thanks and enjoy Detroit. Do you guys get cars as eco-swag?

    • says

      You just made me spit out my coffee. A car??? From an Auto Show? Now, THAT kind of swag bag I can live with. It would be nice to own one of Ford’s nice EE cars though. Love their hybrid Fusion. I’d want one in red. Did you know that it parks itself? And the interior is made with…..oops. I can’t give it away until my post. 😛

      Did you read my preventive tips from yesterday’s post? Hope it’ll help you when traveling this month.

      • says

        Well, for a minute there I thought while I was fightingpolluters, you greenies ware being wined and dined by the auto industry. I was kicking myself for not joining your Sisterhood. Who knows, maybe you’ll win a car as a door prize for being brave enough to go to Detroit in January?

        I’m just starting to recover from the holiday daze. So except for some travel, I’m back to being chained to my computer, and decided to discover a few of the Eco-Warrior blogs. Reading backwards…

        • says

          We will be “wined and dined” from 7AM until 9PM, touring factories and listening to a panel of green auto industry geeks. Can’t get any more glamourous than that. We SHOULD get some kind of an award for visiting Detroit in Jan, right?

          Well, glad you ‘discovered’ ecokaren during your reading journey. Come back more often. :)

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