US-China Greener Consumption Forum: Power of the Purse and Climate Change

us-china greener consmption

The impact of consumption on climate change and the environment is obvious wherever you look. Elizabeth Cline’s book “Overdressed” clearly made the readers understand the cause and effect of consumption. Consumer demand is high, leading to the most rapid use of natural resources, energy, and water in producing goods to meet the high demand. And the consequences of this trend is increase in pollution, exposure to toxic substances, and waste production, especially in the world’s two “consumer super powers,” the United States and China.

So when I heard that the first ever US-China Greener Consumption Forum in Washington DC is going to take place on March 22nd, I was very curious. After all, it’s a historic summit to address the environmental challenges that both countries face due to consumption; how China was going to approach this delicate subject? I mean, we ‘blame’ China for causing our over consumption problem and China is struggling with its own pollution.

Green Sisterhood was fortunate enough to be the forum’s Media Partner and my co-founder Anna and I will be covering this event, LIVE from DC. We wouldn’t miss this!

Consumption in US and China

It turns out, China has been tackling its consumption problems and researching how it affects their environment as we have been. And who’s doing the research and making strides to reduce consumption and address more sustainable ways towards consumption? Women. Yes, more than 50% of women in China has purchasing power.

So this first ever gathering of women leaders from the two “consumer super powers” to discuss how consumption affects the environment is a monumental event as we aim to share what’s been happening in our countries and what methods we have been using to improve the environmental status. With women being the predominant household shopper, addressing the power “purse” to create a more sustainable future in both countries will be an attainable goal!

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Women need to harness the purse to change our environment!

Forum Agenda

Panelists to speak to discuss ways to reduce consumption or how to consume sustainably:

  • Former Administrator of the US Environmental Protection Lisa Jackson,
  • Huan Gao, the mayor of Yichun, China; Xiang Guo,
  • the General Director of the Chinese Women Activity Center, and
  • Peter Banwell, Director of Product Marketing for Energy Star .

In addition, the speakers will showcase:

  • the need to include gender equity in sustainability strategies
  • innovative campaigns that achieved significant changes in consumer behavior, including those that have helped reduce consumption
  • companies that have successfully launched new green products in response to consumer demand
  • explore opportunities for women to emerge as the entrepreneurial engine behind the global green economy.

If you would like to find out future information and events, you can sign up here. But you can follow the forum before, during and after on their facebook page.

I will be streaming my tweets and Facebook posts LIVE from the event so be on the lookout for hashtag #uschinagreenforum and #gsgf13 on Twitter and Green Sisterhood Facebook Page.

Tell me how should we reduce over consumption? What type of methods on reducing consumption?