Team Eco Etsy on Sprint’s New Green ID Pack on Android

I am so very proud and excited to announce that Team Eco Etsy, the team I am captain of, have partnered with Sprint, one of the highest ranked green telecom companies, to link its site to select Android devices for easy green handmade shopping experience for their customers, right at their finger tips.

Today, Sprint announced its newest ID Pack called, Green ID Pack that “automatically loads apps, widgets and shortcuts tailor-made for users who want to live a more environmentally sustainable life and help others to do the same.” This awesome feature is available for owners of the LG Optimus S™, Sanyo Zio™, Samsung Transform™, Samsung Epic™ 4G* and Samsung Galaxy Tab™ on their devices with one simple click. Sprint’s newest environmentally preferred phone, the Samsung Replenish™, also will offer the Green ID pack when it becomes available on May 8.


Photo: Earth 911

Green ID Pack

There are four screens to Green ID Pack: Green Now, Live Green, Green Shop and Take Action.

Green Shop” screen will feature Team Eco Etsy’s logo (it’s the little birdie) that will directly take the users to its website. From the website, they can click the category tabs on the left, which will bring them to members’ items on Etsy. The team shares the screen with some prominent companies like eBay Green, Green, Seasonal Harvest, and Light Bulb Finder.

Other screens on Green ID Pack include, Green Now which has TreenHugger, Earth911, and; Live Green that has a widget that delivers weekly tips from Green America, link to the Green You app, and shortcuts to TreeHugger; Take Action which has the National Audubon Society, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Green Education Foundation and more.

The Green ID Pack is FREE for Everything Data Plan.

Sprint’s newest eco-friendly Samsung Replenish, will be available May 8 and will cost $49.99. The phone has 82 percent recyclable materials and has fewer environmentally sensitive materials than other devices. It also has a solar powered back panel charger and Green ID Pack will be offered. This new phone is just another step in the right direction for Sprint’s sustainability efforts.

Here is a video of how Green ID Pack works.

Great day for being green and for handmade

As you can imagine, I am extremely proud and excited about this recognition and the opportunity for the team to be connected to one of the greenest telecom companies that ranked at No. 6 as America’s Greenest Companies by Newsweek in 2010. Sprint was also ranked highest among the wireless carrier industry on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s “Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.” In addition, Sprint received the “Sustainability Leadership Award” at the 2010 International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo for its leadership among wireless carriers in the recycling of mobile handsets.

As small green business owners, this recognition is beyond what I’ve dreamed of. It is an honor to be noticed for having a humble mission of keeping the planet clean and safe for our children while operating our businesses.

So our message to you, readers, is to continue your mission to live green. No ‘green’ act is too small. If you continue your mission, whether it’s to live a cleaner lifestyle or to build a successful handmade business, you will reap the benefit in many ways. We would have never thought that our little handmade business would be noticed by a big corporation like Sprint and look where we are now.

Off to make some eco-goodies. :)