eco-friendly, reusable, solar jack-o-lantern and weekend round up

“Halloween is more than a month away so why the Jack-O-Lantern?”, says the Accidental Recycler, as he opens the door for me while I bring it in from the backyard after it dried.

Being a green craft blog writer, I have to come up with stories well in advance. So last Sunday, while I took the day off and unplugged, I made a Jack-O-Lantern that uses solar lamp. No candle in this “green” Jack.

You can read the instructions on Crafting a Green World but I wanted to tell you how easy it was to make this and I kick myself for not making it earlier. How much money did I waste on buying pumpkins in the past? I could have bought more apples, donuts, and vegetables while at the farm with that money.

So now, I’m going to make a few small ones and give them to my neighbors……as treats…..instead of candies.

(Boy, aren’t I the party hearty type.)

Anyway, you should see some of the Halloween Costume ideas I came up with for Crafting a Green World. Check it out below.

Oh, on Monday, I am going to post on how to save money while being green. I figured, with this sucky economy, we’ll need all the help we can get.

Have a great weekend!


100 Bloggers You Should Know – this was a total shocker. No voting. No big announcements. Just a quite little gathering of women bloggers. All in one room, shoulder to shoulder, with yours truly.
Ten Years Ago – this was not my favorite weekend but we had to go through it. The good thing is, the 9-11 memorial is finally finished and the grieving family can finally have a place to go to. Did you know that the remains of over half of those perished are still missing? So this place will be the final resting place where family can visit.

Crafting a Green World

How to Make a Reusable Solar Jack-O-Lantern – the tutorial on how to make the jack-o-lantern pictured above.
thredUP – Costume Swap Program – I wish this was around when my kids were young!
Green Tips for a Recycled Halloween – I’m sure y’all know this but it’s a food reminder.
Extreme Homemade Halloween Costumes – Man. You should see some of the costumes you can make at home with the tutorials. And check out the R2D2 helmet!

Green Living Ideas

The Muncher – Industrial Composting Machine – I want one.


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