Should I continue Fabulous Friday Featured Seller?

I’ve been wondering this question for sometime now and figured I’d leave it up to my faithful readers.

Being featured is really an honor. When a person asks me if she can feature me on her blog, I literally blush. I am so humbled by the fact that someone thinks I’m good enough to grace her pages with my work. And, since I know what goes into writing a piece about a shop or a person, it’s doubly exciting that she is willing to put that much work into talk about, well, me.

Having said, I’ve been featuring eco-friendly sellers since last year. It takes a little bit of work but I don’t mind it if you appreciate reading about eco-shops and what the sellers are all about.

So I added a simple one question poll on the sidebar on the top. Can you take one second and click your answer?

Let me know what you are thinking.

If you have any specific thoughts about this feature, please leave me a comment.