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What’s Sex Got To Do with Health?

Now that I got your attention, the answer to the question is… A LOT! Let me explain. You may know the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from VenusĀ but did you know that when it comes to health, this phrase is not too far from the truth? In other words, when it comes to…

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Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi (Oi-So-Bagi)

Cucumbers are growing very nicely in my backyard’s container garden. And looking at the fresh cukes reminded me of my daughter’s favorite kimchi made with cucumbers called Oi-So-BagiĀ (oh-yee-soh-bah-gi.) It is also one of my favorites because it’s quick and easy to make and you don’t have to wait too long to eat them because they…

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Lobster Roll with Homemade Mayo

Summer always reminds me of past family vacations on New England seaside towns. Digging for clams, collecting sea shells, fishing, having clam bakes, and scarfing down seafood, especially, lobster-by-the-pound, are just a few ways we used to enjoy coastal vacations. And when I say “lobster-by-the-pound“, I don’t mean dining out at fancy restaurants where lobsters…

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Dangers of Toxic Mold with Andrea Fabry and Jennifer Saleem

Our basement flooded a few years ago. I was terrified of wet basement getting moldy so I did whatever I could to prevent it. So far, we haven’t noticed any mold growing anywhere or experienced any health problems so we were very lucky. Did you know that about 50% of American homes are affected with…

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