Peppermint Tea and Toothpaste for a Headache? Ya Betcha!

Toothpaste for Headache

I was planning to write a craft tutorial (it’s coming tomorrow) but I woke up with a headache. Not a richter scale 11.0 headache but about 3.0 headache that just lingered on & annoyed the *blip* out me … which was enough to derail my plans for a productive day.

Posting a crafting tutorials is no joke – stopping the project now and then, taking photos, continuing the project again, and then, repositioning for the best angle for lighting, continuing the project again…you get the picture. So I didn’t need a headache to mess up my day. But headaches don’t care; they come and go as they please without warning.

There are many different kinds of headaches but this was probably close to a migraine because I woke with stabbing pain behind one eye, accompanied by mild nausea. And I didn’t want to type on the bright computer screen too long before I had to turn my head away. I’ve suffered from enough “occasional” migraines in my life to know that this could ba a start of something nasty that might last all day. Blech.

Not wanting to go back to bed (although, that’s what I really wanted to do as soon as I woke up), I decided to reach out to my social media peeps and tweet out my problem, after I had a tall mug of coffee because sometimes that helps.

Natural Headache Remedy: Peppermint

As soon as I tweeted, one of my Green Sisterhood sistahs Jenny  came to the rescue … (BTW, it was her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday!!)

headache tweet

Jenny is a distributor for a great essential oil company called Young Living Essential Oils so she knows her essential oils!

Then, minutes later, another fellow greenie, Green 4 U, suggested peppermint – to be specific, brushing my teeth with my minty toothpaste! I love social media, don’t you? Well, at least we are on the same page!

headache tweet

Then, I asked Facebook on ecokaren‘s wall. There were suggestions everything from water, nap, Excedrin, Tylenol, Aleve, more Excedrin, caffeine, Fever Few, Peppermint oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil, Geranium Oil, and even spicy food for headaches.

Toothpaste for a Headache?

But I don’t have any of the meds nor essential oils. But I have water, spicy foods and a tube of peppermint toothpaste!

So I thought, why just brush my teeth with toothpaste when I can actually paste it on my face, like a face mask! Crazy, right? I tell ya, some things just have a way of evolving from such simple ideas.

I figured I have nothing to lose so I made myself a nice hot cup of mint tea (Finally, I can use up some of the mint leaves I harvested last summer!) to drink and to inhale the steam from, intuitively thinking that they may also be helpful. I sat down on the couch and “strategically” dabbed peppermint toothpaste on my face on all the sinuses. And as I was doing this, all I can think of was Anna from Green Talk ... because I can totally imagine her doing something as goofy as this…because that’s what she does – have fun while being natural and green. Yes, us greenies don’t take ourselves too seriously, despite what some people say.

Toothpaste for Headache

Don’t I look relaxed already? Pffft…..uh huh…Ok, I was trying not to burst out laugh as I took this self portrait.

Even my pup noticed the weird get up on my face. Little does she know….

pup looking at me

The steam from the  mint tea was really soothing as it cleared up my sinus and the cooling sensation permeated through the tissues in my nasal passage.

Twenty minutes later, I was headache free. No headache! Seriously!

I. couldn’t. not. believe. it!

The fog lifted and I was able to see! I didn’t cringe as I opened my eyes! It really worked!

I assume Peppermint Essential Oil would be more effective than a dab of toothpaste when the headache is worse. Besides, you won’t have to walk around with white toothpaste on your face if you are out and about.

Thanks to my online friends, I learned a new cure for my headache! Now, I know exactly what to do!

What headache remedy did you try that worked for you?


  1. Suzanne Adams says

    I am an acupuncturist in Kansas City! I will hold some pressure points, massage my temporalis muscles and get my neck adjusted! Will have to add mint tea and EO to the mix! Thanks for sharing and glad your HA is gone!! Have a great day!

    • says

      Hey Suzanne,

      I’m a chiropractor who also does acupuncture too! Too bad I can’t adjust myself although I use acu points on myself. :) Recommending EO to your patients to take home would be great for your practice. Check out Jenn’s brand. I know they are high in quality. Many of my chiropractic friends carry them in their offices. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dee says

    Karen, what about absorbing the fluoride?
    (Assuming you were using a ‘normal’ brand of toothpaste)..

    • says

      Great point Dee!

      I didn’t want to post the brand I use …. didn’t want people to think I was selling toothpaste (LOL) but I use Nature’s Gate Fluoride Free toothpaste. We love it!

  3. says

    So happy that you felt better quickly. I read the toothpaste tip a long time ago and I always brush my teeth the minute I feel a headache coming on and it really helps me.

    I like the picture with the toothpaste on your face and I agree with Anna… you do make it look very zen!

    • says

      I’ll try brushing my teeth if it happens during the day. But I figured, I brushed my teeth as soon as I got up but still had the headache so I figured, I’ll put it right on the source this time. Thanks for the tip Leigh!

      P.S. I really was trying to ‘relax’….which was hard to do with silly toothpaste all over my face….while trying to take a self portrait & trying not to laugh…:)

  4. says

    I am goofy. I expected you to smear it all over your face. But no. You had to look like a zen princess. But this amazes me. Great idea when you have a sinus headache too.

    By the way, your dog has the same eyes that you give me all the time. That WTF look. Now, I know where you get it from…

    • says

      LOL….you described her “look” perfectly! “What the hell are you up to now????”

      Funny thing is, she’s been giving me that look more frequently lately, since I’ve been chatting with you more. 😉

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