prevent low back pain by Dr. Karen Lee

How to Prevent Low Back Pain Naturally

There are many causes  for low back pain (LBP) and unfortunately, if you have had one episode, the chances are, you will have another. And to avoid a reoccurrence, you have to treat the cause. But more importantly, you have to be proactive and take preventive steps. Here is a multi-prong, natural approach to having…

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low back pain

Low Back Pain: Common Causes and Treatments

Low Back Pain (LBP) results from an injury to the lumbar spine and it affects nearly everyone – 80% of population – at some point in their lives, interfering with work, recreation and daily activities. LBP costs the healthcare industry over $50 billion annually and it’s the leading cause for missed work. LBP is the…

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Cider Braised Swisschard

Cider Braised Swiss Chard with Apples (adapted from the nourished kitchen)

A month ago, I received a cookbook called The Nourished Kitchen (affilaite) by Jennifer McGruther to review. Instead of just trying the recipes, I’ve been reading the cookbook like it’s a novel. I can’t remember the last time I actually ‘read’ a cookbook. I’m enthralled with this one. The Nourished Kitchen is a 300+ page cookbook…

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