No-Tech Speakers for Your Smartphone

Best No Tech Speaker ecokarenHere is something for fun.

I was concocting a dishwashing soap formula for a tutorial and wanted to listen to my favorite gal Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” So I left my smartphone in this empty Twinning Chocolate tin can, blasting the music, humming and singing along … And then, it dawned on me how friggin’ loud it sounded. And totally awesome!

So I stepped away from making the dishwashing soap – don’t worry…the post is coming next week – and experimented with various vessels from my kitchen to see which one will make the BEST sounding “No-Tech” speaker.

And guess what? Twinning’s chocolate aluminum container worked the BEST! I think it’s because it’s shaped like a funnel and is made from thin aluminium. Ceramic (the white soup bowl) did not resonate the sound well, probably because the material doesn’t vibrate. Also, I think the bowl was too wide at the top. The stainless steel coffee maker and the Klean Kanteen cup was next best.

So have fun! Try some of these “No-Tech” speakers for different occasions – to amplify your favorite tune! They are not just low-tech – they are NO TECH! No electricity. No EMF from Wi-Fi. No cords or docking stations needed! Enjoy!

No Tech Speakers Review Ecokaren