Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Turnover

turkey pot pie turnoverDo you still have leftover turkey in your fridge?

I just got rid, I mean, used up my last bit of it today. I usually make my famous Turkey Enchiladas Casserole after Thanksgiving but since we cooked a smaller turkey this year, I didn’t have enough leftover to make a whole casserole.

So with the last two pieces of a thigh and a drumstick that were sulking in the fridge, I decided to make these turnovers for my daughter to bring to school for a special meeting.

All you need to do is make my chicken/turkey pot pie and stuff it in any pastry dough. I added a pinch of curry powder to add a bit more oomph! It was delish!

I cheated and used a store bought Crescent roll dough and filled the cupcake pan with it. I admit. Pastry shell and I don’t get along. So I buy premade ones from the store. I figured, everything else is homemade with good ingredients so I can cheat a little and be Sandra Lee for a day. But if you make y our own pastry shell, more power to ya!

turkey pot pie turnovers

Anyway, I buttered the cups so turnovers don’t stick to the pan. Fill the dough, close and pinch the edges. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. Watch carefully as the dough will burn easily.

Another version is to flatten out the dough on a cookie sheet and fold the sides over and bake as above.

And now you have turkey pot pie turnovers in two ways!

How did you use up your leftover turkey this year?


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    I haven’t used up mine actually as I didn’t know what to do with it. Do you think it is still safe to eat? I had to re read your post about the pie recipe and seems easy to do but how can I make it less juicy?

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      As long as your refrigerator is cold, below 40 degrees, it should be good. But taste it to check. And when you make the filling, you’ll be cooking it again so as long as it’s not spoiled, I would think it’s still safe. I always freeze leftover turkey because I’d use little portions for recipes like these after Thanksgiving.

      To make the filling for this particular recipe, you do need less liquid so just use less. I always eye ball mine, depending on how much filling I have.

      Good Luck!

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