How to Make a T-Shirt Hat (Skull Cap)

I love to reuse soft t-shirts. I’ve made yarns, scarves, and of course, memory quilts here and here.

Today, we are going to make a hat or skull cap, depending on how tight you want it to stay on your head. Well worn t-shirts are soft and they make a great fabric for a cozy hat as a gift….especially, if you are using his/her favorite shirt to make his/her favorite hat!

And, its easy peasy!


How to Make a T-Shirt Hat

You’ll Need:

  • T-shirt that is at least 20″ in width
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Scissors

1. Find a t-shirt that is at least 20″ wide. Fold the shirt in half, widthwise, and try to see if it’ll fit the head of the person you are trying to make it for.

Measure 12″ from the bottom of the shirt and cut across the chest of the t-shirt.

Turn the tube inside out – so the wrong side is on the outside – and line up the hem. Mark a line down the middle.

With the right sides together (inside) and lined up hem, sew down the middle (line). Then, flip the tube right side out. If you don’t line up the hem exactly, you’ll see a little discrepancy like the spot where the arrow is pointing. So be sure to line them up when you sew. And make sure to sew a couple of back and forth stitches in the beginning to stop from unraveling.

Mark the corners.

Cut the corners and ew. ( Sorry about the bad photos. I was rushing before the sun went down. Have you noticed it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon now a days? :() Sew around the hat’s hem too.

And……you are done! You can embellish it like I did with a lace (Ooops, it’s not centered! Again, price I pay for rushing!) or you can leave it plain, especially if you can get cool graphics centered on the front panel.

Me? I think I’ll add a little more laces around the edges…later…after the New Year’s.

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  1. says

    Great tutorial, can’t wait to try this! I had a little pile of tees ready for the rag bag…they may now have one more purpose first! :)