How to make naturally pine scented burlap christmas ornaments

burlap falala ornamentWe are not getting a real Christmas tree this year.

All together now, “WHAAAAAT????”

I know; it’s blasphemy! But I’m just not up for buying a cut down tree this year when there are so many trees that were knocked down from Sandy…like these.

downed trees

This sad scene is just down the street from me. And this is still, all too common, all around the NYC/NJ area. So it seems unnecessary to contribute to another tree being cut down, just so I can enjoy a fresh scented tree for a few weeks. I know a real Christmas tree is so much better and greener than buying an artificial tree so I’m not even buying a new fake tree. I’m going to decorate a little impostor that I inherited a long time ago. I’m putting it up on my kitchen bay window and decorate is as naturally possible as I can.

But the problem with my little impostor will be that it’s not going to smell like the real thing. Duh! So I thought I’d help him out a little by making pine scented sachet ornaments. I’d hate to use fake room fragrances that are made with toxic chemicals so I harvested some pine branches off the downed trees above. (The Highway department should THANK me for making the trees lighter for easier removal!)

Here is how you can make Pine Scented Burlap Ornaments. (And you know how much I love working with burlap, thanks to my local coffee roaster, Coffee Labs Roasters. What’s more cool about this coffee shop, besides giving me FREE burlap coffee sacs, is that their coffee is roasted with alternative energy! Read about their sustainability practices here.)

You’ll Need:

  • Burlap
  • Words cut out from vintage music sheets or book
  • Mod Podge
  • Strings pulled out from burlap
  • Pine or Fir branches


The direction is self explanatory and easy to follow if you look at the pictures. But basically, you are making little pouches to hold the branches. Cut burlap in the sizes you want. I made mine about 3″x6″ opened so when I fold them in half, the actual ornament measured 3″x3″. Cut out the letters you want from either music sheets or book pages. Then, mod podge the letters onto the burlap. It takes about an hour to dry completely.

burlap ornament collage1

When the letters are completely dried, fold them in half, sew both sides, leaving the top open (or you can hot glue them or use fabric glue), and glue the strings on the back side of the pouches. You can sew the handles too. But I just wanted to show how you don’t need to know how to sew to make these little pouches. Let them dry completely.

Burlap Ornaments

Insert pine branches for fragrance and you are done! Now Mr. Imposter smells a bit like the real McCoy!

burlap ornaments

You want another burlap ornament idea? Check out this burlap ornament I made last year. And remember these burlap fabric boxes? They make perfect Christmas gifts, don’t you think?

How are you doing with decorating? Did you start yet?

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      I love these, very creative. I did buy a tree this year and now I’m feeling a little guilty, but it was from the Northwest and was grown to be a Christmas tree so I’m sort of fulfilling its destiny. I have made many of the ornaments on the tree as from the time my boys were 3 or 4 we all made an ornament every year, so I have simple little stuffed shapes, clothespin dolls to cross-stitched noel greetings, etched glass balls. Next year I think I will grow my own tree in a pot…a Norfolk Pine that does really well in the islands and the branches have a lot of room for ornaments.

      Mele Kalikimaka a me hau’oli makahiki hou.

      • says

        Thanks ladies!

        Aren’t the kid made ornaments great? I have so many with pom poms and googley eyes falling off. Glitter glued “Merry Christmas” messages, and macaroni photo framed (of her/himself, of course) ornaments. Can’t throw them out!

        Your own tree in a pot is the way to go! I may try that next year. It’ll be a challenge to get it in and out of the house but I am determined to make it work next year.

        What does the phrase mean? “Mele Kalikimaka a me hau’oli makahiki hou.” I’m guessing Merry Christmas! :)

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