How to Make Photo Ornaments with Glass Jar Lids

glass jar lids ornamentsI save used glass jars to store foods or non-food items but there are just so many I can use. So I end up recycling the glass jars but since the lids are not recyclable, I collect them to reuse. One of my favorite ways to reuse them is to make photo frame ornaments. If you think it’s too stupid simple, you are right!

Here is my collection of jar lids that I’m going to use to make the ornaments.

How to make photo ornaments with glass jar lids

First, you’ll need:

  • Glass Jar Lids – any size.
  • Photos that you can cut up
  • Epoxy Glue
  • Acrylic Paint in any color you want to decorate the lids with
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter and/or any holiday decorative embellishments
  • Ribbons, cut to about 4″ long
  • Pencils and Scissors
  • Magnet discs for making refrigerator magnets

supplies needed to make ornaments

1. Paint the lids and decorate with embellishments and glitter.

paint and decorate paint and glitter Paint and add decoration add embellishments

2. Let the paint and the embellishments dry for a few hours.

3. Add ribbons.

add ribbons

4. Outline the lids on the photos by using the pencil and cut out the circle around the photo. You can always trim the excess once you’ve cut out the photo according to the size of the lid.

Crop photos

5. Insert the mug shots, I mean, photos. insert photos6. Voila! you are done. Now drink some eggnog and hang them on the tree.

“Cool hair do Dude!”andrew and his cool hairdo

Write the year on the back so that you’ll remember when that photo was taken. You’ll forget if you don’t. Trust jar lid ornament

Decorated on the outsideDecorated on the outside

Say, “Cheese”"Say Cheese"

Opera practiceLid ornament #4

These make great stocking stuffers, gifts for family members (grandparents LOVE these), and even as gift tags.

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