How to Make Chives Infused Olive Oil

Chives Infused Oil by ecokaren

I finally cleaned up my herb garden this week and while I was able to air dry all the other herbs without sacrificing their lush green color, my chives didn’t do very well. When I air dried them, they looked like straw. Not very appetizing looking are they?

dried chives

So I turned to my fans on Facebook and asked what did I do wrong? And as usual, my fans rescued me and advised me on what to do to maintain the green color when drying.

The answer was DEHYDRATE! Aha!

How to Make Chives Infused Olive Oil

1. Wash a bunch of chives thoroughly in cold water with about 1 tbsp of vinegar…. a bunch, meaning, enough to grab around them with a loosely closed fist.

chives on cutting board

2. Cut them up into about 1-2 inches and spread them out on parchment paper.

dehydrating chives ecokaren

3. Dehydrated them in the oven at 150ºF for about 3 ~ 3.5 hours. Check them to make sure they don’t burn, like some of mine did. While the color is still not the fresh lush green, it’s still so much better than the tasteless straw color ones I had from using the air drying method.

And the smell of these dehydrated ones….oh my. I wish you can smell these delicious chives. It’s more pungent than the fresh ones! The mellow roasted fragrance makes this chives infused oil amazing!

Dehydrated Chives ecokaren.jpg

4. I had organic olive oil in a rubber-stop bottle so I decided to use that. Putting them in the small mouth bottle was hard so I poured some oil into a wide mouth mason jar with the chives first, then, using a funnel, I was able to pour the oil back into the bottle.

5. Wait about 2-3 weeks and you have Chives Infused Olive Oil! Perfect to dip crusty bread or as a gift for the holiday!

chives infused olive oil by ecokaren

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