How to make a fabric box with burlap

burlap box DYI ecokarenI love fabric boxes. They are easy to make and so functional. They are prettier than the plastic ones (and it’s plastic) and will last longer than the cardboard boxes. And they are versatile since you can decorate them or leave them plain and rustic like this one.

Here is my tutorial on how to make a fabric box originally posted on Crafting a Green World.

This is using a coffee burlap sack – FREE from a  local coffee shop – but you can use any type of cotton canvas or upholstery fabric. But free coffee sac burlap? Even better! Just know that working with burlap can be messy with pieces of lint everywhere. But have a dust pan ready and you should be set.

Here goes.


  • Coffee Sac Burlap (or feed burlap)
  • Lining – cut two inches longer on sides “a” than burlap for folding down the top edges.
  • Fusible web – Which may be eliminated if you can find other “natural” ways to make burlap stiffer.
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Lace – optional


fabric box cut out

Cut burlap, lining, and fusible web in the shape above in any dimension you want. Make sure all of the sides labeled “1″ are the same and all of the sides labeled “a” are the same. I wouldn’t make the box any taller than 6″ high (dimension for sides “a”) as the walls may not be stiff enough for them to hold up. You can use heavy fusible web but it will be tough to sew and work with. And remember to make the lining’s side “a” 2 inches longer than the burlap.

1. When you fold along the dotted line, all sides should meet evenly.
2. Then, sew the two outer sides, 3 and 4. Then, gather the top corners 1 and 2 and sew the remaining two sides.
3. Keep the box wrong side out and fold down on the wrong side, an inch from the top and then fold down again, one inch.
4. Iron the folded edges.

5. Lining after the edges are folded down.
6. If you are going to decorate the outside panels of the burlap, like adding lace, this is the time to do it. Repeat the steps 1-4 with the outer fabric and iron fusible web (follow instruction on the package) to the wrong side of the burlap.
7. The box after four sides sewn.
8. Invert the box right side out.

Insert the lining inside the burlap box, right side in (the wrong sides of the lining and the burlap should be touching each other), and pin the edges of the lining over the top edges of the burlap. Then sew all around the folded edges.

Ta dah!

burlap fabric box DYI ecokaren

Wasn’t that easy?? Now go make!

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