How to join fabric yarns

You saw how easy it is to make fabric yarns yesterday.

But what if you have fabric yarns that are too short to make anything? You can join the pieces to make longer yarns, of course.

This is a silly simple method of joining them without tying.

I cut these strips wide and I’m using two different colors to illustrate the method better here.

1. Take two strips of yarns – you can join any yarns this way as long as they are not too thin, otherwise the holes might get ripped.

2. Fold down about two inches of the strips at the ends.

3. Cut through the folds – just make sure you don’t cut too close to the edge of the strip.

4. Repeat at the other ends of the strips

5. Thread one strip through the other strip

6. Bring the other end of the strip through the hole.

Threading the other end of the strip to the hole

7. Slowly pull the strip through all the way. If you have a long strip of yarn, this step can take a few minutes. Just be patient and be careful not rip through the hole.

8. Tighten the strip, forming a knot. And Voila! Now you’ve joined two yarns. Repeat on the other end and continue with the rest of the yarn.

If you have a ball and want to add more strips, pull the free strip through the hole on the yarn of the ball.

Now go and make something wonderful!


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