Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall!

I can’t believe summer is already gone. When and how did that happen? These past few months have been all a blur to me. I guess too many things happened this summer and I just as soon would like to forget about them. I can’t wait for the  the cool breeze (I think they said this was the hottest summer on record. Global warming, anyone?), fallen leaves, pumpkin pies, and hot apple cider.

So, I went window shopping for some cool green stuff from Etsy in anticipation. (With my son in college, I can ONLY window shop. Sheeeesh….)

Look at these fabulous things I found on Etsy…to reflect these past months and to say “Hellooooo Fall!”

*You can click the pictures to see what other awesome items these sellers have in their shops.

U.S. Open is on and I couldn’t help to notice these wallets that are made from old tennis racket covers. Ingenious!

Tennis Billfold by Mittenmaker

Tennis Billfold by Mittenmaker

Jean left me this working vintage rotary phone and Emily still plays with it. She’s NEVER seen one!!

Rotary Vintage Phone by TheOldGoat

Sounds like a cliche but oh so true. Will live by this….from now on….promise.

Carpe Diem by Neenacreates

Nothing compares to the smell of pumpkin pie but couldn’t resist having a perpetual pumpkin like this in the house.

Pumpkin by Simpledream2

I hope you had a great summer.

What are you looking to buy to celebrate Fall?