Gaia Herbs’ PlantForce Liquid Iron Review

PlantForce Liquid Iron Review

I usually buy my supplements from either the manufacturers directly (one of the benefits of being a Chiropractor) or from a health food store. There are only a few supplement companies that I trust and one of them is Gaia Herbs.

Gaia Herbs’ PlantForce Liquid Iron Review and Giveway

Gaia Herbs uses certified organic ingredients for many of the their products and I swear, they manufacture practically every supportive supplements you may need. I already take a few herbs made by Gaia Herbs and I’ve been very happy with the results. And my most recent encounter was a product called PlantForce Liquid Iron when my Dad needed supplements to bolster his energy level.

My Dad – the 70 year “young” workhorse

My dad is seventy something “young” and he’s pretty active. He worked hard all his life and never had serious health related issues. He is usually a fit, strong, and healthy 70+ year old man who defies his chronological age. He never says he’s tired or takes naps or complains of a 3 O’Clock afternoon slump. He still does push ups and lifts weights daily.

But he recently had a Strep throat with a nasty cough and fever. He got over it but since then, he’s been a bit sluggish and his vigor never returned. He looked tired, not focused, and he started taking short afternoon naps. His doctor gave him a ‘clean’ bill of health after that bout of infection so his symptoms didn’t make sense. It was disconcerting to see him lethargic and not so alert.

Serendipitously, PlantForce Liquid Iron arrived for a review and I decided to give it to him to see if it would help his symptoms.

PlantForce Liquid Iron from Gaia Herbs

When I researched  PlantForce Liquid Iron for the review, I felt relieved to learn that it’s made with 85% organic ingredients.

The ingredients are:
1. Acerola fruit extract – a naturally occurring Vitamin C that supports iron absorption at cellular level.
2. Sea Buckthorn fruit juice –  naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote absorption.
3. Beet root juice – naturally rich in elemental iron.
4. Elderberry fruit juice concentrate – naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that optimize other ingredients and promote absorption.
5. Parsley leaf – elemental iron and Vitamin C that supports iron absorption at the cellular level.
6. Nettle Leaf – elemental Iron phosphate.
7. Dandelion leaf – Vitamins A&C and naturally occurring elemental iron supports the liver and promotes absorption.
8. Fennel seed – Supports body’s ability to neutralize gas or bloating.
9. Yellow Dock root – Iron phosphate that promotes iron absorption.

According to Gaia Herbs, PlantForce Liquid Iron  promotes iron absorption, cellular energy, and red blood production.  It supports the liver, neutralizes gas, regulates bloating and is non-constipating. And since it’s elemental iron in liquid form, it’s easily absorbed.

So I thought, if it helps ‘cellular energy’ and supports the liver, it would help with my Dad’s symptoms. I gave it to him to take to see if he’d feel better and if I can observe an improvement in his constitution.

My Dad’s Experience and My Observation

My dad was a trooper and a great patient. He usually follows directions very well so he never skipped a dose and he finished it as he was told. When I asked him how he liked the taste and how he felt, he said, he said it tasted fruity and like honey  – meaning, sweet. Then he commented, his mind was more clear. I knew he wasn’t exaggerating because I noticed he was doing a lot more during the day. He stopped taking naps and he took on more errands to do.  I was glad to see his ‘old’ self again, being active and keeping himself busy.

What do I think of Gaia’s Plant Force Liquid Iron?

Besides my Dad’s testimonial, upon doing research, I found out that this iron supplement was made for supporting energy level for anyone. It was also reassuring to learn that Gaia Herbs is very stringent in how they grow and process their herbs. I knew I didn’t have to worry about the herbs used in PlantForce Liquid Iron since 85% of the ingredients are certified organic.

I love herbal medicine. I grew up taking Chinese herbs so taking herbal medicine to supplement our health and well-being is not foreign to me.

I would highly recommend Gaia Herbs for your health and well-being, especially if you need iron supplements.


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