Foam Soap Tutorial

make foam soap drkarenslee.comDo you ever wonder how to use up all of that little bit of soap that’s left on the bottom of the soap dispenser or a refillable soap containers?

It looks empty, doesn’t it? But don’t let the outside color fool you. There’s enough soap inside to make at least another bottle of soap!

Here is how.

You’ll Need:

  • Foam Soap Pump – I use old ones I save but you can buy empty ones at any Containers Store or online.
  • Filtered Water – the ratio of water:soap I use is about 7:2.  I don’t think you have to use ‘filtered’ water but I do. I like chemical free. :)
  • Non-Toxic Liquid Soap – obvious ingredient, eh? Since this tutorial is to use up the leftover residue inside the bag like the above but if you want to make foam soap from the beginning, you can use your favorite soap to start.


Mix 70% water and 20% soap (or less, depending on how thick your soap is) in the foam soap dispenser. I know that doesn’t add up to 100% – (I know you thought I failed Math. I almost flunk Calculus but I mastered Arithmetic, I think.) – but that’s because you have to leave some room on top of the dispenser for foam. In my case, I added the right proportion of water to the soap, shook it gently, then, I added the mixture to the dispensers. I have to warn you though. If you mix the soap and water right in the dispenser, shake it gently so that foam doesn’t overflow. You won’t be able to close the dispenser if the mixture foams up right up to the top. You can use warm water but I don’t. They eventually mix. You don’t have to use warm water.

foam soap drkarenslee

This method not only makes use of every drop of the liquid soap, but it can save you money if you start making your own foam soap instead of using full strength. I thought those fancy foam soaps were, well, special blend that makes fancy foam soaps. But they weren’t! They were just diluted liquid soap. And if you are like me and wash hands a million times a day, you won’t need to use full strength soap. It will actually strip away all your natural oils and make your hands really dry.

I know I wrote this tutorial for making liquid soap dispenser from glass jars in an earlier post but that was really for a place like the kitchen where I use the soap for washing pots and pans. But these foaming soap dispensers are great for kids bathrooms and powder rooms.

So, try this method and save money!


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    I do this all the time and love it!  I use castille soap in my dispenser.  Sometimes I add essential oils for a little scent or extra antibacterial (tea tree).

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    What a great idea for a kids bathroom. My daughter wastes so much liquid soap & would rather have the fun bubbles anyway! I have to find one of the foam soap pumps!!!

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    I love the idea of foam soap! It causes that washing hands is becoming not only greater pleasure, but also the splendid play! Apart from that such liquid soap is much better than an ordinary bar of soap due to the fact that it does not making our skin dried. It is also more efficient, it does not making any mess or leaving stains. Another advantage of the foam soap is the fact that it costs close to nothing and it is appropriate for everyone irrespective of the age.

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    You clever girl! This is a wonderful tutorial and one I fully intend to give a go because we use liquid handsoap but that stuff gets expensive after a while! Always looking for a good way to stretch the dollar :-) Thanks!

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      They sure do get expensive but this ratio of water to soap will make your money s.t.r….e.t.c.h. a lot longer!! But not only that, my hands get so dry after washing them all day. So this was a great solution to keeping them moist too. Glad you like it. :)

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