Fabulous Friday Featured Seller – goodtogoeco

GoodToGoEco is owned by a mother-daughter team that creates eco-friendly products for the modern lifestyle.

According to Erin’s Profile on Etsy…..”We both have an artistic background, so we want our choices to look good as well. Recycling, reclaiming, re-using, reducing, all this is what it’s all about. We incorporate these however possible, and understand that as smart consumers, we want great quality and a good value, so this must be considered as well. This is what we look for – a merging between these.”

Fruit or chocolate?
Can I have both, together? :)

Favorite color?
Black – because in pigments, it’s all the colors together.

Eco Fabric Bird

Eco Fabric Bird

City break or weekend in the country?
Just depends on the type of week I’ve had. Since we live in the burbs, both are a nice change.

Soaps or documentaries?
Documentaries for sure! But not late at night, I need some easy bubble-gum TV then.

Dress or jeans?
Jeans! My favorite comfy outfit is jeans, a tank top and bare feet, pure heaven for me.

Your favorite material?
Upcycled fabrics. My mom and I both just love the variety of patterns, colors and textures that can be found in fabrics.

Eco friendly iPod Nano Case

Eco friendly iPod Nano Case

What brought you to Etsy? Tell us about your shop.
My mom and I started our company, Good to Go Eco, in an effort to provide eco-friendly products that would simplify life. Our philosophy is that as day to day tasks are made easier, each of us will have more time to enjoy life. When we stumble across something we think would make our lives easier then we work on creating an eco-friendly solution. We joined Etsy to be a part of the handmade community. It’s such a great group that provides fabulous ideas and support!

How is your shop eco-friendly?

Our products are made from upcycled materials. It’s a great feeling to be able to make something totally new from something that would have been discarded otherwise. We try to use organic for the new materials. For example, our iPhone, iPod and Touch cases are made with repurposed fabrics and organic cotton batting. We try to carry the eco focus through out all aspects of our business and life. We use recycled paper, try to reuse packaging instead of new, and purchase many of our tools and materials second-hand.

Upcycled Jewelry

Upcycled Jewelry

Do you sell anywhere else?
We sell our Play Pouches on our website, GoodToGoEco Our handmade pouches are paired up with some of our favorite environmentally-friendly, analog toys. The play pouch was inspired by the need for entertainment in cars and restaurants for my nieces and nephews. Plus, with my training in eduction, I know that creative, imaginitive play is critical to a child’s development. So many kids today don’t get that opportunity away from electronics.

What’s the favorite item you’ve made so far?
Our Gift Wrap to Go. We hand batik upcycled or organic fabrics to make an eco-friendly furoshiki. Furoshiki is a traditional, Japanese wrapping technique using a fabric square. The wrapping is then reusable again and again. I love this item because it is both upcycled as well as reusable. Our cute pom-pom bows are made from upcycled tshirts. The kit contains the furoshiki, bow, ribbon and a card printed on recycled paper. I store mine in my glove box for those last minute birthday party gifts.

Reusable Wrapping Cloth - Furoshiki

Reusable Wrapping Cloth - Furoshiki

What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learned (about Etsy) so far?
Be active in the community. The group has so much to offer!!

How do you see your store developing?

I would love to be the eco-friendly Real Simple/Martha Stewart!

What have you been doing today that I’ve interrupted?

My day job. :) I’m a business analyst for a local software development company.

What are you currently working on?
We are currently working on a line of eco-party items. These include decorations and invitations made from upcycled materials. The decorations are made very sturdy so that they can be used again and again.

Shop: GoodToGoEco

Website: GoodToGoEco