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Since I became an Etsy Educator in 2012, I’ve been teaching eager artists how to open a shop on Etsy in my community. It’s a fun class (I think) with enthusiastic handmade creators who want to start their own businesses on Etsy. I love supporting handmade, especially local artists, since it’s the most eco-friendly way of purchasing and supporting conscious consumerism.

Art Is You Retreat and Handmade

Recently, I taught a large group of talented artists at the Art Is You Retreat in Stamford CT on starting a shop on Etsy. They were the largest group of most talented, creative and enthusiastic artists I’ve lectured so far. Usually, I teach this class with a multimedia projector as a visual tool. But at this particular venue, I had no access to it so I couldn’t illustrate what I was referring to or couldn’t show on screen what Etsy shops look like. And since I’ve been planning on creating an eBook on staring a shop on Etsy, I collected my files and I published “Etsy Starter Pack”.

Etsy Starter Pack eBook is Here

The eBook is a system that anyone can use to learn how to open a business and be successful on Etsy.

When you read the Etsy Starter Pack, you’ll understand what is Etsy about, why is it so popular, and why is Etsy still the No. 1 marketplace for handmade. And so much more!

Also, I created worksheets that will help to open a shop, list items, and more. It even has a pricing calculator!

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If you are a handmade artist or know artists who are interested in opening a shop on Etsy, buy this eBook. It’ll make your life much easier. I wish I had a guide like this when I open my shop in 2008.

BONUS – with my referral, you get 40 FREE listings to get you started! The info is in the pack.

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You can be successful ONLY if you have a shop. So don’t hesitate. I will help you open your shop, tweak your shop, and make your dreams come true.

The Etsy Starter Pack is NOT affiliated with Etsy, Inc. or The term “Etsy” is a registered trademark of Etsy, Inc.

This item is a set of PDF ebooks that needs to be downloaded onto your computer. Once you check out, you can download it immediately.

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About me:
I’ve taught Etsy 101 classes in my community after I was certified at the Etsy headquarters in 2012. I’ve taught in town centers, libraries, and community colleges. I was a captain of Eco Etsy for two years and currently I work closely with the Captain as a leader. I also spoke at Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers conference and attended Etsy Success Symposium. So I know a thing or two about handmade life and Etsy!

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