Etsy Organic Team’s Treasury

Etsy Organic Team‘s new super administrator, Natural Star, snagged a treasury on Etsy and included one of my favorites – Organic Facial Pads. Yay!

Just in case you don’t know what a treasury on Etsy is…it’s a collection of items that a fellow Etsian picks and gets to feature on the Treasury page. The feature lasts only for a few days. There’s a whole procedure involved and I still haven’t figured out how to get one but I am so humble every time a fellow Etsian finds my creation worthy enough to be included in a treasury. One of these days, I’ll get a treasury and include them but until then, I like to honor them by featuring them here… thank them.

What I love about a treasury is that it features Etsians that are alike and I learn what they are making. For example, check out the Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies from Cahabaconfections. (The picture got cut off below but click on the whole picture and it will get you to the treasury page.) Don’t they look really yummy? And best of all, they are made with organic ingredients! Check out her Valentine’s Sugar Cookies. Aren’t they pretty?

Oh, by the way, Natural Star makes amazing baby stuff with organic merino wool. She’s really talented. Those tiny booties and sweaters make me think about when my kids were babies. Well, they are still my babies but you know what I mean. There were no organic garments for babies back then. So young moms these are very lucky to have such resources now and products made by such talented and caring artisans. It will be a shame if CSPIA makes them go out of business. I’m all for safety of baby products but there must be a way to accommodate these small business owners, most of them working out their homes. Otherwise, we will not have these beautiful handmade, all natural, organic products for babies.