How to Make a Drunken Farmer for Halloween

Drunken farmerI love getting free fabrics but burlap coffee sacs are special. Yes, they shed like crazy and yes, they are not the best fabric to work with. When I made a fabric storage box, I had to sweep the sewing area often to get rid of pieces of lint. But the result was so worth it that I didn’t mind working with burlap at all. Besides, when you have a pile of burlap – I got them for free from my local coffee roaster last year – you find fun and creative ways to use them up.

And this project is lint-free as there is no cutting or sewing involved! Yay!

I made this Drunken Farmer last year for Crafting a Green World and he’s out on my porch this year again…..still drunk. (Must have been some Halloween party last year, eh?)

Anyway, here is how to make your own Drunken Farmer for Halloween to adorn your porch or scare your trick or treaters. The fun part about making this decoration is the preparation; you have to drink the prop before you can finish the project. Or during…

You can place him anywhere but my guy sits in the dark corner so kids get spooked when they approach to ring my door bell. Love it! Ok, I’m actually not really that mean. Fun, but not evil. Ok, love a good prank but not nasty.

Never mind. Let’s make this farmer.

Drunken farmer tutorial

Drunken Farmer

You’ll need:

  • Coffee burlap sac – get it for FREE from your local coffee roaster. Or you can use a flour sac. Worse comes to worst, you can sew the bottom of the shirt and just stuff it.
  • Man’s Jeans or overalls
  • Plaid shirt
  • Straw Hat
  • Bandana
  • Stuffing material for the upper body – I used a saved stuffing from an old blanket. I save everything. :)
  • Magazine or old newspaper for stuffing the legs
  • Empty beer bottles or glass soda bottles


As you can see from the photos, the instructions is pretty self explanatory. But, I’ll tell you a few options you have when making this guy.

1. You will need old jeans and shirt that you are willing to part with. Older and more frayed, the better. I had an old blanket that I was throwing out so I took out the stuffing, thinking, I could use that “some day” and voilà! I was right. It was perfect for stuffing the body. Again, if you don’t have a burlap sac, you can use any sac or just stuff the shirt. It’s just nice to have a sac so you can save it easily for next year…as I have for this year.

Drunken farmer

2. Stuff the legs with old newspaper or stiff magazine pages. Stuff it loosely since it’ll be sitting on the floor. Don’t need to stuff it all the way. Add a straw hat on the top of the shirt. Tilt it downward so the stuffed chest area doesn’t show. Cover the chest area with a bandana and now it really looks like he’s just passed out with his head tilted downward.

Drunken Farmer

3. There he is. Drunk and content, passed out cold on my front porch! If you don’t want him lying around on your porch, you can prop him up on a chair. Or place him on your porch furniture with the arm spread out to the side. I have a small porch and I don’t have a porch furniture so I just let him hang out, on the floor, in the corner, with the cobwebs, bugs, spiders…ok, those are just added graphics. My porch is not that infested with bugs. Eeeek….

drunken farmer

Oh, make sure you completely empty out the liquids from the bottles. You don’t want real bugs crawling around, getting drunk from the leftover beer (or soda) from the bottles!

Have fun getting drunk, I mean, making drunken farmer!


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