DIY: Burlap Trays

burlap tray DIY ecokaren

Nothing is really lost until Mom can’t find it.

How much time do you spend on helping your family find things for them? Keys, wallet, phone, glasses, and sometimes money are just a few things I’m always searching for in my house.

You’d think, since they use these items d.a.i.l.y., they should always be in the same place, right?


So I made these trays for them to place their everyday items in. But I ended up stealing them for myself because personally, I think they are better as fruit trays. Don’t you think?

I’m actually embarrassed to even post this tutorial because it’s so simple to make a tray. Forgive me if you know this already but I thought it’s a cool tutorial for those who never made it before.

You can use any type of semi-heavyweight fabric, like cotton canvas, denim, or burlap. If you are using burlap, make sure to cut it straight, using my method because straight lines are crucial for making this rectangular tray. Actually, it’s important in all sewing projects, come to think of it.

How to make burlap (or fabric) trays

You’ll Need

  • Outside fabric of your choice cut in sizes you want.
  • Inside lining fabric of your choice cut in same size as the outside fabric
  • Padding for between the two layers to make it stiff. You can use strong fusible interface lining but another layer of thick fabric will be fine, like the old quilted fabric scrap (green) I’m using for this tray.
  • Needle and thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Ribbon or rikrak (optional)


*Sorry for the yellowish pictures. It was one of those days…
1. Cut all three pieces of fabric in the size you want. Line up the three layers of fabric in this order from the bottom.

(bottom) the inside padding (green),
(middle) outside fabric (burlap) with right side up,
(top) inside lining (checkered) right side down.

So the right sides of inside lining and outside fabric are touching each other.

2. & 3. Then sew around the edges with 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving about 2-3 inch opening to turn it inside out. Cut the corners (as shown in #2) so the corners won’t get bunched up.

4. Turn the pieces inside out using the space in between the outside (burlap) and inside (checkered) fabric.
sewing-burlap-tray ecokaren

5. Hand stitch or sew the opening.

6. Then, quilt the tray the way you want: free motion or long stripes or diamonds or whatever. Quilting the tray will give it stiffness and make it sturdier.

8.Then, pinch the corners and hand stitch the top together and you are done!

Finishing-Burlap-Tray ecokaren

I finished the edges with rikrak for this one.

8. If you are going to use ribbons or rikrak on the edges, sew them on the right side of the inner lining fabric (checkered) first. Then, lay it on top of the outer fabric (burlap), right side down.

9. Then quilt the whole piece.

10. Stitch all around the edges.


And voilá
burklap tray with Lemon ecokaren


Burlap tray with apples ecokaren

Yes. I stole the trays from the family. They can learn to keep track of their belongings.

I’m keeping these.


  1. SamanthaMarshall says

    These are so cute and would make ridiculously adorable bread baskets! Thanks for the Share :)

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