Day 7: 24 Days of Green Christmas Crafts – Burlap Ornament

Burlap-Ornament-Ball ecokarenWow. It’s been one week since we started the “24 Days of Green Christmas” series already. Are you tired yet? I hope not. I’m just getting warmed up!

So, let’s continue with crafting, shall we?

For today’s craft, I want to share a post I wrote for Crafting a Green World back in October. These shabby chic ornaments used up leftover burlap after making trays and baskets so I was really thrilled.
It doesn’t take much to make me squeeeeel, can you tell?

You can also use canvas or denim if you don’t have burlap.

You’ll need

    • Burlap Scraps
    • Starch – method of your choice
    • Rikrak, ribbon, or laces or anything else you’d like to embellish the ornaments with
    • Threads or embroidery floss
    • Needle

First, make burlap pieces stiff by soaking them in a starch solution of your choice and then, hang them up to dry. I tried potato starch for this project and the burlap came out really nice and stiff. I cut them up in squares so that they are easier to handle and can dry fast.

The great part about this project is that you can be creative as you want with designing the ornaments. You can use buttons, beads, laces, rikrak, ribbons, and even ruffles that you can make out of fabric scraps like I did.

Cut circles in sizes you want. I cut 4 inches in diameter for mine. And then embellish each circle the way you want. I made ruffles out of t-shirt scraps and then sew them across the middle on four circles.Burlap Ornament 2 ecokaren

You can use three or four circles to make the balls as pictured below. You can use blanket stitch to attach the circles together or sew rikrak or ribbons on the edges. I used zigzag stitches on one edge but it wasn’t as elegant as the rikrak, as shown on the top photo.burlap ornament 3 ecokaren

Finally, add a loop on top and now you are ready to decorate your Christmas tree or give them as gifts!

Another option is to make a simple one sided ornament by using just one circle. You can embellish it anyway you like. I finished the edged with rikrak and then, added an angel made out of lace. But you can personalize these ornaments, add beads or buttons….oh, the possibilities are endless.burlap ornament ecokaren

Check out Retro Housewife Goes Green’s blog carnival where this series is listed in her Green Holiday Guide. She has some awesome ideas too so check it out!

See you tomorrow on Day #8!

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