Coffee Syrup for Ice Coffee Recipe

I don’t know about you, but by 3 O’Clock, I’m in need of caffeine intervention these days.

Maybe it’s the heat.

Maybe it’s driving my kids to their destinations, come home, only to turn around to go back to pick them up again a few hours later.

I think summer driving zaps my energy even more than other seasons.

It’s too hot to make another pot of coffee in the middle of the afternoon so I started making coffee syrup, and keeping a carafe in the fridge to make a quick tall glass of ice coffee – a perfect afternoon pick me up – just for me, when I need it.

I can’t remember where I saw this cold coffee syrup recipe first but it is so easy peasy! And I don’t know why I didn’t make this when I was in college! It would have saved me many afternoon coffee runs to the student center, never mind, wads of money!

But like they say, it’s better to be late than never. :)

Coffee Syrup

1 lb. of coarse ground coffee
3-4 C of warm water
6 C of cold water

Scoop out 2 C of coffee ground into a tall pitcher with a lid. Slowly add about 3-4 C of warm water. With a tall spoon, wet the coffee ground without stirring. Gently pour the rest of cold water into the carafe. Cover with the lid and refrigerate overnight. Do not shake or stir the coffee, otherwise, you’ll end up with coffee powder in the syrup.

24 hours later…..

Gently, pour the coffee syrup through a sieve or a fine strainer into a carafe with a lid. You will make 10 cups of coffee syrup.

Use the refrigerated syrup in 2 weeks, if it lasts that long!

If you really want strong coffee, you can use strong blends OR add more coffee ground to the recipe.

Also, you can make ice cubes using the syrup for you to add to your ice coffee. I didn’t do that since the syrup is strong enough for me.

Use sweetener of your choice, add ice, milk, a reusable straw and enjoy!

ice coffee with milk


Oh... my... gosh... I'm at work right now and wish I had one of these. I keep closing my eyes and wishing for one to appear at my desk but it's not happening... might have to make one when I get home.


Sounds easy! My 13 year old would love this! How much syrup would you put in a tall glass?


I Love your glass straw! I had forgotten about these! I so want one of those and might have to indulge in one because the coffee will taste better, right? Thanks for this wonderful recipe! I especially like the idea of freezing into coffee cubes to include in iced lattes. Yumm!


So gonna do this! Sounds so yummy right now.