Collapsible Dog Bowl

DIY: Collapsible & Portable Dog Water/Food Bowl

It’s about 120 degrees outside today. It’s hot enough to fry an egg – ok, not really since you can’t fry an egg below 157 ºF. But it’s hot enough that my dog, Rosey, couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes before wanting some water. I always carry a reusable water bottle but I don’t carry a…

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class quilt tutorial by ecokaren

DIY: Senior Class Gift Quilt Tutorial

*It’s a long-ish post so grab something to drink and read on.* Finally, she’s done. Not just the quilt but my baby daughter. She’s a high school grad now! *fist pump* And soon, she will be a “college Co-Ed“. My mental math can’t compute all the zeros in the tuition bill. Retirement is over-rated anyway….

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burlap tray DIY ecokaren

DIY: Burlap Trays

Nothing is really lost until Mom can’t find it. How much time do you spend on helping your family find things for them? Keys, wallet, phone, glasses, and sometimes money are just a few things I’m always searching for in my house. You’d think, since they use these items d.a.i.l.y., they should always be in…

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5 strand braided headband ecokaren

DIY: 5 Strand Braided T-Shirt Headband Tutorial

We skipped spring and went right into summer. That means headbands come out of my drawers and my hair gets off of my face. And since I’ve been working on my daughter’s senior class quilt, I have a quite a pile of t-shirt hems. T-shirt yarn can be used for many projects but hems could…

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Senior quilt ecokaren

Senior Class Quilt Project – Part 2

Don’t ask what came over me when I volunteered to make a quilt for my DD’s senior class. I thought it was a great idea at the time – give back to her school, you know, for being such a great institution that helped her to become the young scholar that she is. Oh, don’t…

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