Gravlax Recipe by drkaren

How to Make Gravlax

I’m from New York. You can buy bagels and lox anywhere in NYC and I used to pay a pretty penny for them too at a corner deli on the way to work every day. There is nothing like the salty sweet lox on a warm squishy bagel with a piping hot coffee to wash…

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The BEST Salmon (Fish) Cakes Recipe

Salmon is our favorite fish to cook when we are in the mood for seafood. My husband, the Accidental Recycler (AR), is from the Northwest and when I married him, he brought with him, his mother’s Steamed Ginger Salmon recipe, like a dowry. I gave him Kimchi┬áin return. I’ve had the freshest salmon from one…

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Italian Seafood Stew: Cioppino

I love dishes that I can just throw in together whatever I have in the refrigerator or freezer without planning and grocery shopping for ingredients. And I always have a variety of wild caught seafood in my freezer, just in case I have days when meal planning is the last thing on my mind. I…

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