Beet Kvass Recipe by ecokaren

How to Make Beet Kvass & Why It’s Good For You

GAPS diet has taken me on an interesting gastronomic journey and revelations. I knew fermented food was great but GAPS diet puts fermented foods all the way at the top of the list of good foods for gut health. I’ve been making and eating fermented veggies for years and I never knew how much it…

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Homemade Bone Broth by ecokaren

How to make bone broth and why it’s healthy

Bone broth. I started seeing those two words all over the web recently. I wondered, what’s the big deal with bone broth? I always made my own chicken or veggie stock so I wondered, ‘What is the difference? Isn’t all broth the same? Just boil some meat and bones and you got broth/stock, right?” Well,…

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easy sauerkraut recipe by ecokaren

Easy Sauerkraut Recipe and My Fail Proof Secret

You know I’m a kimchi mama, being Korean and all. But I don’t limit myself to just kimchi, when it comes to eating fermented veggies. I love eating any fermented vegetables, including fermented green cabbage and cucumbers. Since I grew up eating kimchi, I often crave salty, sour fermented foods with my meals. During hot…

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foods that heal your gut ecokaren.jpg

Foods That Heal Your Gut

Gut is like your second brain. It’s connected to your overall health in every way so I started my family on a journey to heal their gut two weeks ago. Their debilitating food allergies and Eczema were not getting better and they weren’t “out growing” them either. I couldn’t just recommend eliminating foods they were…

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