12 Creative Uses for Nail Polish

creative uses for nail polish ecokaren

I don’t normally wear nail polish because most of them smell bad and are toxic. And the non-toxic ones are a little too steep in price so I don’t usually buy them that often. But recently, my daughter started getting hooked on nail polish – teenagers! – and started buying them with her own money….

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Green Tips Video from Green Sisterhood

GS Earthday tips

Earth Day is here again and while you know how I feel about Earth Day, Green Sisterhood members got ‘together’ and made this short and goofy video about simple ways to be green. Personally, I think the kids and Rosey were the best. I’ve been meaning to make DIY videos for a long time and…

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No-Tech Speakers for Your Smartphone

no tech speakers for smartphones by ecokaren

Here is something for fun. I was concocting a dishwashing soap formula for a tutorial and wanted to listen to my favorite gal Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” So I left my smartphone in this empty Twinning Chocolate tin can, blasting the music, humming and singing along … And then, it dawned on me how…

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How to get rid of fruit flies naturally

fruit fly

We had some visitors the other day that just would not leave. They were unwelcome house guests and at first, I thought they followed me when I came inside from grilling. But even after my hubby swatted one to smithereens, I kept seeing more….everywhere. I had a few nectarines, bananas, and lemons on the kitchen…

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