Children’s Mental Health Talk with Vivian Nelson Melle

Mental health disorders begin before the age of 14 and 20% of children, globally, have mental health issues. And it’s time that we change the stigma attached to mental health and view it just like any other health problems. According to CDC,  The term childhood mental disorder means all mental disorders that can be diagnosed…

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school lunches

What School Lunches Look Like Worldwide

When my kids were in elementary school, they didn’t want to eat school lunches. They said, and I quote, “They serve microwaved frozen foods Mom!” I told them, some frozen foods are good! But the kids insisted, those were not edible frozen foods. I admired their discerning tastes and instincts as I chuckled while patting…

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Incorrect way of lifting a heavy backpack

Backpack safety tips for children

  Carrying heavy backpacks are common among school age children and that’s a problem. I know this because I’m a Chiropractor and a mom to two teenagers. But here are the facts to back me up on this problem and how to prevent back problems for children. According to a study conducted by the Simmons…

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