Blog Action Day 2011: Food Waste

food wasteToday is Blog Action Day and we are talking about one of my favorite topics this year.


I would normally share with you all the fun stuff about food but today, I’m going to share a startling fact about food waste.

How many of you heard your mom say, ‘Do you know there are starving kids in Africa?” or find yourself saying to your kids?

Well that’s not that far from the truth then, and still, is not now. Famine in East Africa is still going on so it’s a shame that we have food waste here in rich country like America. And it’s startling to learn that 1/3 of foods produced in the world – that’s about 1.3 billion ton of food either gets lost or wasted.

Food Wastage around the World Food Wastage Around The World

[Source: Healthy Times Blog]

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Jenn from Chucka Stone Designs
Jenn from Chucka Stone Designs

It does sadden me to have to admit that I absolutely contribute to that figure. Though the past year or so we've tried to be better about that by freezing leftovers (we never end up eating them in the same week & they used to always get tossed), planning each meal around our shopping and vice versa (for example we'll plan to have a chicken ceasar salad for dinner on Monday then, so the lettuce doesn't spoil, plan a side salad with our meals Tues/Wed), and using things that we normally would have tossed before (when bananas get brown Matt won't eat them anymore so I have 2 frozen banana breads now for later this fall!). We're doing what we can to at least be more conscious about how/what we buy and that has helped cut down on waste.


I usually use up whatever I have in the fridge on Thurs and Fri. I normally don't plan on five meals a week because undoubtedly, we always have leftovers. And I'm a master at upcycling leftovers!