Apple S’Mores Recipe

apple smokesI never really liked Caramel Apples. Maybe it’s the texture or the taste of the two together. Or may be caramel and apples just don’t jive together well in my mouth. Who knows.

But marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers doing the samba with the tart Granny Smith in my mouth? Now ya talkin’! It’s also very pretty. I think.

So I got really REALLY lucky that my daughter Em thought it would be great make Apple S’Mores for her Culinary Club meeting today and she wanted to try this easy peasy recipe from Country Living. I wouldn’t have been able to make this sticky gooey treat AND take photos…even though some of the photos still came out bad. What can I tell ya; there was a lot of hustling in the kitchen making these gooey treats. But oh so totally worth it!

apple smores

Apple S’Mores Recipe

10 small organic Granny Smith apples
10 Lollipop sticks
2 Bags of Marshmallows
2 Tbsp Butter
2 bags of Semi-Sweet or Dark Chocolate Chips
1 Cup of crushed graham crackers


1. Wash the apples and pat them dry.

Apple S'mores

2. Poke a hole and stick the lollipop stick in the hole.

3. Melt butter and marshmallows until smooth in  medium heat. Go ahead, you can test it with your finger and get it all sticky and gooey.

melting marshmallows

4. Coat the apples with melted marshmallow. You don’t have to cover the whole apple completely. You want the green part showing. It’s prettier that way. I think.

coat apples with melted marshmallows

5. Put the covered apples on a tray lined with wax paper, cool them in the freezer for about 15 minutes until the marshmallow gets hard. Make sure it gets cold, otherwise, wax paper will stick to the marshmallows and you’ll end up chewing on bits and pieces of paper later. Not cool. Yes, pun intended.

marshmallow covered apples

6. While waiting for the apples, crush graham crackers or use the Cuisinart to pulse them into crumbs.

graham crackers crumbs

7. And melt the chocolate in a double boiler until smooth. You can lick this too. I’ll allow it.

apple smores chocolate

8. Once the marshmallow is hardened, coat the sides with chocolate and while it’s hot, gently dip them in the graham cracker crumbs.

8. And ta dah! Apple S’mores!

apple smores

I’m giving these out as treats this Halloween…..just to my neighbors’ kids. But not to strangers. They’ll probably not eat them. The whole razor thing in the apples? I swear, it’s a conspiracy by candy companies. Who wouldn’t want these as treats for Halloween?? I only put love in these not tricks!

What are you making for Halloween?


  1. Mia says

    I tried making these, but didn’t get farther than the marshmellow-dipping stage. For some reason the marshmellows and butter just get really sticky and gooey, not smooth at all. Why is this? And how can I fix it?

    • says

      Hi Mia,
      Yes, it gets sticky and gooey but you should be able to get it smooth like the picture. And when it does, coat the apples, put them on lined cookie sheet or a plate and put them in the refrigerator to harden them.

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