Almost Green Royal Wedding for Prince William and Kate

Kate-Middleton-and-William-Engagement-Photo-1-500x736Are you a royal family gawker? I’m not. OK, I cried when Princess Diana got married. I was in college and I so wanted to get married in that dress, be a princess and live in a palace. May be not with that Prince but I dreamed about that wedding for years afterwards.

Then, I sobbed when she died. Don’t get me started.

And this Friday, her handsome son,  – I get chills thinking about how proud she’d be if she was watching him now and revel in how wonderfully he’s grown up! – will be marrying his college sweetheart. The media keeps comparing the upcoming wedding to Princess Di’s wedding but I think it’ll be much much better than her wedding because it will be almost totally eco-friendly.

She’d be so proud of that part too. Wahhhh…..

(I just lo-ve~ this picture of the two.)

How is William and Kate’s wedding eco-friendly?

1. Well, he DID propose to Kate while on a Safari out in Africa, in wilderness surrounded by natural beauty all around. You can’t get greener than that.

2. She is wearing a recycled ring – not just any recycled ring but Princess Diana’s  vintage blue sapphire engagement ring and what a vintage find!! It’s been rumored that Kate will wear a Fair Trade wedding ring.

3. All the paper used for the wedding is recycled or FSC-certified as is the building’s scaffolding

4. Renewable energy will partially power the event and the remaining carbon emissions will be offset. One of the beneficiaries will be the Earthwatch Institute.

5. The food will be locally grown, some organic and sustainably sourced

6. The flowers will be seasonal. Kate is adamant on transforming the already gorgeous 700-year-old Gothic church into a fairytale forest for the royal wedding, which is why she reportedly spent more than $80,000 on four tons of foliage, including seasonal, organic British flowers and eight 20-foot-high trees. The trees — each weighing half a ton — are seasonal, have been grown in planters (versus being dug up), and will be re-planted after the ceremony. Moreover, the flowers she has chosen for the event — including gardenias, lily of the valley, delphinium, daffodils, crepe myrtle, and roses — are seasonal and locally sourced. Given the fact that many brides have become accustomed to getting any out-of-season flower they want whenever they want it, this is notable.

7. The wedding cake will be made from locally sourced, organic ingredients.

8. The guests are being asked to donate to charity instead of buying wedding gifts.

9. And we are all holding our breath while trying to guess what her wedding dress will be like. Will it be upcycled like the one Livia Firth wore to the Oscar’s but with pieces of history? Maybe some parts from Diana’s dress? Or will the fabric be ethically sourced? There are lots of rumors about her dress and we won’t know until this Friday when we actually see her. Why am I all of a sudden becoming a royal gawker? It’s the wedding. It must be the wedding.

So, as the wedding season approaches this year, do you think weddings will become greener as result of this green royal wedding?

I think so. Or at least, I hope so.

Will you wake up early to watch the wedding? I think I will. And I’ll have tea and crumpets while trying not to cry. (Oh, and Jennifer, I know you’ll be up too.!)

Sources: Sustainable Business and The Stir