karen profile So glad you are here to learn how to take control of your health! Here is some info about me.


I was like you. Most of my life, I ate food made by other people and used products that were labeled, “natural”, thinking they were “safe”

Then I got married and became pregnant with my first child. My pregnancy was uneventful because I had regular spinal adjustments by my Chiropractor. He saved me from Sciatica and headaches which are common ailments during pregnancy and realigned my sacrum to prepare for a smooth delivery. I was saved by ‘alternative’ health care that focused on conservative care and prevention.

Still, my diet and lifestyle weren’t perfect. I was still eating processed foods, didn’t think about chemicals, and didn’t pay attention to the environment I lived in.

But after my son was born, everything changed. If you are a mom, you  know how it is.

Becoming a mother changes how you view life.

I started to pay more attention to everything. I became more curious and researched the heck out of everything before giving them to my family. I started cooking more. I started to be more vigilant on what’s healthy and what’s not.

But while I tried my best, I made mistakes. I cooked the wrong foods with packaged ingredients (heard of Hamburger Helper anyone?) stored in plastic containers (probably with endocrine disruptors like BPA), and still cleaned with products with toxic chemicals (Soft Scrub and Clorox were my “go-to” scrubbers and disinfectants!). Given the limited resources and information available at the time, I had less choices. There were no Whole Foods, no non-profit organizations like Environmental Working Group or Moms Clean Air Force to educate me. And certainly, no blogs to read about toxic crap I was exposing my family to.

When I took my son to his Pediatrician, I didn’t ‘speak’ her language. I felt like I was just one of those moms who ‘had’ to listen to her advice when it came to my baby’s health because I didn’t know any better. Thank goodness for Chiropractic adjustments because he was rarely sick. He only went for annual check ups and routine vaccines. I took my Chiropractor’s advice and scattered the vaccine schedule and he seemed ok then. But years later, he developed allergies and Eczema and ’til this day, I wonder about the vaccines he received and if they affected his immune system to cause his allergies and Eczema. I will never know.

I felt helpless and wanted more control over my family’s health. Since Chiropractic helped my family and saw the miraculous results without invasive means, I decided to become a Chiropractor. I wanted ‘alternative’ (funny term for Chiropractic since it’s such a mainstream healthcare practice that has helped so many people) ways than an allopathic model for my family’s health. Actually, you can’t even call an “allopathic” model a ‘healthcare’ since it addresses after you become sick. I wanted a preventative model to avoid getting sick and staying healthy!

Chiropractic Healthcare

During my training in Chiropractic school, I learned some disturbing facts about what we were doing to our health and the environment.

And they were not good for our health or the planet’s health. We needed a different lifestyle if we were going to stay healthy and not destroy the planet in the process. We are getting sicker from poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, we are not cooking at home, our soil was depleted of nutrients, oceans are polluted, global warming is getting worse, the planet is polluted with so many untested chemicals, and we are too stressed from just making a living and not enjoying life.

As I learned about the status of our health and the planet’s health, I got depressed. But I was empowered with the new knowledge I gained that I couldn’t wait to get out and educate and help people heal and prevent future illnesses.

After graduating Chiropractic school with Magna Cum Laude and two kids later (My son was 6 months old when I started and I had a daughter while attending Chiropractic school.), I started a family practice focusing on nutrition, women’s health, and children’s health and I LOVED it! There is no feeling like seeing a healthy family getting regular adjustments to keep their healthy spine in check. Kids loved hopping on my adjusting table and pregnant moms loved getting their regular adjustments so their aching back can feel relieved of pain. Dads felt their weekly stress relieving adjustments prepared them for another grueling week at work.

Most importantly, chiropractic care made them feel they are in control of their health.


I had a very demanding practice while raising a young family and like many moms who work outside their homes, I was torn between being away from my kids and my patients. My kids were getting busier with school and their after school activities. I couldn’t be in two places at once. I was constantly shuttling between my office, home, school, and wherever they were (in two different locations after school). It was taking a toll on me and my practice.

So after much internal debate, I sold my practice and decided to be a support system for my busy family.

My quest for healthier lifestyle continued and awareness of toxic world increased. Meanwhile, my kids’ allergies were getting worse. As they got older, they started to become more allergic, sensitive and intolerant to multiple types of food. Their Eczema got worse and started to show signs of Asthma (most Eczema patients have Asthma), especially my son. They started to show food related anxiety since everything caused a reaction, not anaphylactic type but respiratory and dermatological.

I was determined to cure their food allergies so I started researching why so many kids are becoming allergic to foods. I found my answers. Sadly, it’s nothing we did; it was the medical care (overuse of antibiotics), animals being prophylactically given antibiotics, increased (often unnecessary) C-section procedures, Genetically Engineered (GMO or GE) foods, pesticide exposure, toxic chemicals in everyday products, and much much more….causing their gut health to deteriorate. This is just ONE scenario but there are so many unsettling causes that are affecting the health of our families.

So now, I am on a mission to get everyone informed about your health and what you can do to prevent sickness.

Dr. Karen S. Lee – the holistic physician and coach

After much deliberation, I decided to create this site to share my knowledge and build a community of like minded people who care about prevention and not sickness. Learning what to eat and what to avoid is very challenging in this busy times. But as cliché as it might sound, you are what you eat. And food can be medicine or poison. I can help you find solutions for your food related conditions and recommend special diets, products, supplements, meal plans and the support to help you. We can solve the mystery together.

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