5 Upcycled Wine Bottle Ideas

Wine_Bottle_Candle_HoldersWe are not wine connoisseurs and we don’t pretend to be. We once opened one of our friend’s French wines before its ‘time’ because we believed it was a total waste of ‘time’ to wait. Literally. Of course, we were totally wrong. They never let us touch their wine collection after that. So, we let our friends do the honors in ordering wine when we go out.

But we do drink at home occasionally – usually with Italian food.

May be by the time I pour half the bottle of red in the “gravy”, the rest of the bottle has been decanted already so I feel compelled to finish it off. 

Anyway, I saved a few bottles because I hate to waste such great looking glass bottles. So, once I have a few more saved up, I’ll be making some of these. I’m sure you can make these with beer bottles or glass soda bottles too. :)

1. Drinking Glasses

Watch this video, and see how easy it is to cut wine bottles. You don’t have to buy the $45 gadget the video suggests. I bought a glass cutter for less than $10 to use for my project. These glasses seem easy enough, right? Now that I know how to cut bottles, I’ll be sure to try these.

[Creative Commons Images from zieak via Flickr]

2. Candle Holder

wine bottle candle holder

Candle Holders – These pretty candle holders are made from cutting wine bottles using acetone nail polish remover. Great way to cut the glass without fancy tools. Seems easy enough, right?

3. Table Top Lamp

Table Top Lamp – this method is using a glass drill bit and drilling a hole and putting a string of Christmas lights inside. I think this would be easy too but it does take some patience as it can take up to 30 minutes to drill.

4. Lantern/Hurricane Lamp

These are like hurricane lamps that you put the candles inside. It requires cutting the bottom of the bottle and putting it over the candle. That’s it! Simple but pretty.

5. No Cutting Required Lamp

No Cutting or Drilling Required Lamp  – this seems like the safest method as it does NOT require any drilling or cutting or putting anything on fire. Just insert the string of Christmas lights from the top, embellish the bottle with some cascading fake grapes and leaves to cover the wire and that’s it! She also has a cool idea of frosting the bottle with reverse stenciled snowflakes. No fancy tools necessary! So if you are squeamish about using sharp tools or fire, this is it for you.

Which one do you like?

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