I am one of the 100 women bloggers you should know


I am one of the 100 Women Bloggers You Should Know.

That sounds really silly and braggy but that’s because I am. Bragging. That is.

One of my Eco Etsy friends, Elizabeth from Yellow Finch Love, tweeted…

Now, I have to admit, I thought, “Jeeez…did People magazine get a hold of one of my indecent pictures, again?”


Although, for a second, I did think “Crap! Elizabeth’s account was hacked and this might be a link to a marketing site! Or worse.” But the clue that it wasn’t hacked was because she said, “…karen!” and the actual site’s twitter handle was in the tweet.

So, I went to the blog post, I was like, “Whoa! I am one of these amazing women? These bloggers are the ones that I read to be inspired by!”

Holy Crap!

I am so humbled by this recognition of being included on the list –  “100 Women Bloggers You Should Know” by Ignite Social Media. (What a title, heh? Ignite that social media! It wants you to take an action. I love that!)

Not only that the whole list is awesome, the green bloggers list is only SIX women, including me. Now, I KNOW for a fact that there are a ton of passionate women green bloggers out there. Gosh, I know so many of them. So to be included in this short list of six (I met Beth of My Plastic Free Life and Siel of Green LA Girl last year at BlogHer’10 in NYC!) amazing green women bloggers is totally freaking cool.

So check out the list….but only if you want to learn, laugh, admire, cry and gawk. They are ALL so great!.

But you know what? YOU belong up there too because you are awesome!! And Elizabeth, thank you for watching my back. You rock!

[Top photo: Yes, that is my blogging station. Yes, I cleaned it up for better Feng Shui]